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About me and my art..hmm, well im not very good at it ... but im doing my best to improve!? :blush: All i need is a litlle inspiration!
Current Residence: a box /LV/
Favourite style of art: Anime
Umm so yeah i got taged by :iconirenkaxd: 
im not good with these kind of stuff and sometimes come off stupid and lame but  hey got my first , i think, tag here! so im giving a go!
 (God bless if i did this thing right #meeeh )  
1. You must post these rules;
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves;
3.Answer the 10 questions asked  by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag;
4.Choose 10 people and put their icons in youre journal;
5.You have to legitimaly tag 10 people;
6. No tag-backs;
7. You cant say that you dont do tags;
8. You MUST make a yournal entry!!!

My 10 facts:
1. I like cats alot! (But other animals are ok too);
2. I graduated and now in this summer im going to  apply to a college;
3.  Love ice cream;
4. I watch anime a lot;
5. 3 times a week i go to the gym;
6. I hate boiled carrots and honey ;
7. I have an super awsome friend that understands me;
8. I havent draw anything for a loong while; 
9.  Never had a
10. LoVE playin pc games, mostly shooters, and killin.

The Asked questons: 

1. Do you like your name? If not, what would you change it for?
-My names ok i think.
2. What is the first thing you notice when you enter someone's room?
 the floor...(i dont know why ...)
3. What's your favourite weather?
-Rainy days are the best!
4. What is the strangest food you've ever eaten?
-i think an octupus legs  in a jar !
5. Do you have a scar?
-yup on my hands mostly;
6. Dog or cat?
7. When do you usually wake up?
-on holidays 13.00, but recently 08.00/;
8. Where did your most embarrassing moment happen?
-my whole life is embarrasing, but school motsly;
9. Have you ever fallen asleep somewhere you shouldn't?  
-Yup i was hanging over an open window and i fell asleep...
10. When it comes to your favourite song what is the most important for you; lyrics, singer's voice, genre or the music?
-everything ...starting with the music then to genre, after that come the voice and the last are the lyrics! 

My asked questons:
1. Have you ever been drunk, that u cant walk?
2. Do you think that color black is negative and why?
3. What fruits do u like?
4. Whats the most fun thing u have ever done?
5. If u could turn the time back, would u like to change something?
6. Have you ever done smth that u thinki "dahmn ill regret that! "?
7. Winter or Summer?
8. Do u like sports?
9. What type of music do u like? 
10. What is The most generous thing you have done to someone!? 

I tag:

Good luck with the Tag stuff in future! 
This was weird to do but #meeh it was ok in the end!
(You don't have to this if you don't want to...)
Thankyou for the tag!

  • Listening to: Combichrist

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